Neuromarketing Books

Neuromarketing is a complex field with information being used from neuroscience, marketing, physiology, advertising, biology and psychology, just to name a few. This diverse core of neuromarketing requires a lot of study by anyone hopeful of applying neuromarketing strategies to their business, experiments, marketing campaigns and advertising strategies. Having read through many neuromarketing books recently as well as having a work history in neuroscience,¬†online marketing,¬†electrophysiology, web development¬†and psychology, I believe I have a pretty good grasp of what neuromarketing books and other books are “must reads.”

I’ve provided links to the first series of neuromarketing books that I consider must reads in order to get a good understanding of what neuromarketing is all about. I’ll update this list as needed. If you have a neuromarketing book that you believe is a must read for someone attempting to learn neuromarketing, please leave a comment and I’ll be sure to review it for inclusion.

Neuromarketing Research must read Neuromarketing Books List: